Badie: Revolution Anniversary Reminds of Need for Cooperation and Forgiveness

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood chief Badie calls for reconciliation, tolerance and cooperation on the January 25 revolution’s second anniversary, reminding that Egypt needs all its citizens’ best efforts.

Walid Shalaby: Muslim Brotherhood Supports Strengthening of State Institutions

Vowing to aid efforts building up the country’s state institutions, Egypt Muslim Brotherhood will not disrupt the work of judges or courts – contrary to yet more false reports by

Badie Meets with Comptroller General of Somalia’s Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt’s Brotherhood leader Badie urges his Somali counterpart to work hard for reconciliation and national harmony, in order to achieve unity, stability and reform.

Muslim Brotherhood Students Acknowledge Roles of Former Group Members

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students produced a documentary film highlighting the history of the group’s members. The film, which was screened during the MB’s First Student Conference in Cairo Saturday,

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Students Hold First Conference, Propose Development Initiatives

The Muslim Brotherhood students launched an initiative titled “A generation builds; A nation in progress” whose first stage is expected to take four years. The students proposed a "revival project"

MB Calls for Donating Zakat Money to Help Somalia’s Famine

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badei, called on the Egyptian people, Arab states, and the Islamic world to do its part and donate generously to save millions in the famine

Badei Praises Choice of Coptic Christian Rafiq Habib as FJP’s Vice-Presdient

“Thanks to the revolution, this Ramadan the world is witnessing an ironic change of events as viewers worldwide are watching the trial of Mubarak Live on TV as opposed to

Brotherhood reveals its colours

The Muslim Brotherhood's decision to take part in the upcoming People's Assembly elections comes as no surprise.

MB Chairman: We Will Pursue Systematic Election Fraud in Key Domestic and International Forums

Dr Mohammed Badie, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), praised the turnout of Egyptians regardless of their choices, describing it as the beginning of real change and desired reform.

MB Chairman: We Will Continue to Work Peacefully for Egypt and the People’s Wellbeing Regardless

Dr. Mohamed Badie has confirmed that the group will continue to work to serve Egypt and its people whatever the consequences and despite all the obstacles.