Historical overruling of MB chairman’s travel ban

MB defense lawyer Abdel Moneim Abdel Maqsoud has described the lift of the Interior Ministry's travel ban for Dr Mohamed Badie the MB chairman as "historic".

MB detentions escalate in Egyptian governorates

Confrontations between security forces and neighbors of members of the Muslim brotherhood movement took place in the governorates of Kafr El-Sheik raising the number to 13 and Gharbeya 8.

ANHR:Prisoners of conscience must be released

The Arabic Network for Human Rights today strongly denounced the escalating campaign against members and activists of Muslim Brothers in Egypt, as security arrested15 members of the Movement, including Mahmoud

Egypt: A new warning to the Muslim Brothers

In a series of raids carried out across the country, 13 members of the Brotherhood were rounded up including deputy chief, Mahmoud Ezzat, who was taken from his Cairo home,

Cairo: 15 day detention order to MB leaders.

State prosecution has issued a 15 day detention order to the MB leaders who were arrested recently in the ruling regimes latest sweep against the opposition.

Conservatives believed to dominate Brotherhood leadership

Mr Badie is a 66-year-old veterinary pathology professor. His election by the Brotherhood's Executive bureau is widely thought to mark a return to conservatism and a possible pullback from politics

Egypt: New government crackdown on MB leadership

Al Jazeera reports that Egyptian security forces have detained at least 13 members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The arrests are widely seen as the start of an effort by the

Muslim Brotherhood leaders detained

Egyptian security forces Monday arrested a deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and two other senior leaders as the country prepares for new elections.

15 Muslim Brotherhood leaders arrested

Security services arrested 15 leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition group in different provinces Sunday, including group Deputy General Guide Mahmoud Ezzat and MB Guidance Bureau members Essam el-Erian

Badie congratulates Egypt ‘s National team on its African Cup win.

The Muslim Brotherhood's chairman Dr Mohamed Badie congratulated the Egyptian team after winning the African Cup of Nations for the third straight year with a narrow 1-0 win over battling