Muslim Brotherhood’s Greetings on Eid Al Adha

With the takbir of the pilgrims on the day of ‘Arafa, the best day of the year, and with the breeze of Eid Al Adha, the feast of sacrifice and

Doha Badie: My father in Solitary Confinement, No Blankets, Medicine or Food

 Doha Badie, daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie appealed for the relief from the dire situation which her father and other detainees endure in Tora Prison, which

Statement on Criminal Practices Against Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman in Coup Prison

 The Muslim Brotherhood holds the coup authorities fully responsible for the life of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman,  Dr. Mohamed Badie, and all detainees, especially the sick and the elderly, who

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman: Jerusalem is Central Issue for All Muslims

 Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, called on the military coup authorities in Egypt to release Muslim Brotherhood prisoners to confront Israeli occupation, affirming that Palestine is a central cause

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman: Egyptians Will Overthrow Tyranny Peacefully As They Did on January 25th

Dr. Talaat Fahmi, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, denied any relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and the armed movements in Egypt, such as the Hasm and Liwaa Al Thawrah (Revolutionary Brigade), stressing

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Former Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef

The Muslim Brotherhood mourns Mohamed Mahdi Akef, the group’s seventh Chairman, who passed in the harsh dungeons of the ruthless military coup junta in Egypt after a long struggle with

Fahmi: Muslim Brotherhood History Proves Group Never Was a Terrorist Organization

Dr Talaat Fahmi, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, said the group was a defender of the homeland, never a terrorist group. "Hassan Al-Hudaibi, the group’s former Chairman, was the President of

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie: Committed to Non-Violence, to Legitimate President Morsi

Mohamed Badie, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, said Tuesday that the group is committed to three issues: peaceful action in the face of the coup, the legitimacy of President Mohamed Morsi, and

Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement on National, Revolutionary Unity Efforts

 Egypt and its January 2011 Revolution are going through a critical and very dangerous phase for the present and future of the people and the entire nation. The Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Egyptian People, Muslim World, on Eid Al-Fitr

 The Muslim Brotherhood offers its sincere congratulations on Eid al-Fitr, to the Muslims across the world, to the Egyptian people, the steadfast heroes in coup prisons, especially Dr Mohamed Morsi,