The Muslim Brotherhood, Ninety Years of Giving

The Muslim Brotherhood celebrated its 90th anniversary under the title "Ninety Years of Giving" at the Amir Effendi Cultural Center in Istanbul. The ceremony was attended by dozens of Muslim

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Former Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef

The Muslim Brotherhood mourns Mohamed Mahdi Akef, the group’s seventh Chairman, who passed in the harsh dungeons of the ruthless military coup junta in Egypt after a long struggle with

Muslim Brotherhood Believes in Popular Will, Democracy Despite Junta Attempts to Eradicate Group

The Muslim Brotherhood's message on the 65th anniversary of its founder Hassan Al-Banna's death on February 12, 1949: Still Steadfast on the Path.

Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud: Brotherhood Legal Since 1928.

Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, Muslim Brotherhood (MB) lawyer, said that, ever since its inception in March 1928, the group insisted on acquiring legitimacy under Egyptian law. He pointed out that the MB

MB Chairman: We Reject Attempts to Steal the Revolution

MB chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, stressed that the Egyptian revolution was a blessing from Allah. He pointed out that the night Mubarak was ousted from power was the anniversary of

MB Holds First Conference in Original MB Branch

"Who are we? What do we want? Hear about us, from us!" This has been dubbed the title for the Muslim Brotherhood's first conference planned for Thursday, May 26, 2011.

El-Erian: The MB enjoys internal democracy and a stable relationship with Copts based on citizenship

Dr. Essam El-Erian, member of the MB Guidance Bureau and the media spokesman of the MB, confirmed that democracy is the base of relationships within the group, and the history

Coptic organizations welcome MB Chairman’s initiative for a dialogue with Coptic youth

Three groups representing Egyptian Christian youth have agreed on the initiative of the Brotherhood Chairman Mohammed Badi, to hold meetings with Coptic activists to clarify MB position on various issues,

Son of MB founder: The West Should not Fear the MB

Saif Al-Islam Hassan Al-Banna, son of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stated that the MB is a school of moderation and facilitation.

The Muslim Brotherhood After Mubarak

Portraying the Muslim Brotherhood as eager and able to seize power and impose its version of sharia on an unwilling citizenry is a caricature that exaggerates certain features of the