NDP MPs Call for the Arrest of members of the “Parallel Parliament”

A senior official of Egypt's ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) continued to issue a mocking and strongly-worded statement about the shadow parliament, which was formed by the opposition and former

Activist abducted while collecting signatures for reform

State security forces abducted, activist Abdullah al-Saadawi, from the Imbaba district in Cairo while he was collecting signatures during door knocking in support of the chartered seven demands for reform.

Erdogan and the future of… Egypt

Egypt, like Turkey, is a large and important country. Culturally Egypt is by far the most important Arab state and significantly, the Muslim Brotherhood has its origins there. Quite a

MB rejects allegations it’s downplaying significance of Islamic ethics and teachings

The MB refutes the claims and wishes to state in the strongest possible terms that just as it is firmly committed to condemning any dictatorial, corrupt and oppressive action it

Egypt: Campaign supporting intelligence’s chief for president

Amid a fevered atmosphere, of controversy and anticipation concerning Egypt's approaching presidential elections a strange campaign has sprung up to nominate Egypt's head of intelligence General Omar Suleiman to run

Ikhwanweb: Freedom and democracy are more important than Laila ElBaradei’s bikini

Today, rumor and gossip feed a press and public hungry for scandalous tales. Shedding light on this thought is the emergence of a new campaign initiated by an anonymous individual

Wall Street Journal commends MB and ElBaradei united front

The wall street Journal writes of Egypt 's most noted political opposition who has joined forces in their demand for political reform and constitutional amendments.

Egypt :Arresting 15 for Distributing Flyers Calling for Reform And Democracy

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information expressed today deep resentment of arresting 15 citizens in Alexandria for distributing and posting publications calling citizens for signing political reform demands.

Escalating crisis of Egyptians ousted from Kuwait

The crisis of expelling Egyptians from Kuwait escalated after an urgent statement was submitted by Dr. Hamdy Hassan, Assistant Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc.

El-Baradei: Israel only understands the language of force

Dr. Mohammed El-Baradei, former head of the international atomic energy agency and one of the prominent contenders for the Egyptian presidential elections in 2011, said that the Palestine cause was