Statement from Somaya Maher’s Defense Team

 On Tuesday October 17, 2017, security forces arrested Somaya Maher and her mother from their home in Damanhour, Beheira Governorate. The following day, they were investigated at the Supreme State

Human Rights Groups, Public Figures Demand Immediate Release of Political Prisoner Somaya

 The undersigned human rights organizations and public figures hereby condemn the arbitrary arrest and enforced disappearance of Al-Azhar Chemistry graduate Somaya Maher Hazema. She disappeared since October 17, 2017 and

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mohamed Sowaidan Suffers Heart Attack Under Severe Torture

 The family of Mohamed Sowaidan, senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Beheira (Egypt), announced it received information this afternoon that he had suffered a severe heart attack while being

Muslim Brotherhood in Beheira Condemns Abduction of Leader Mohamed Suwaidan

 The Muslim Brotherhood in Beheira province rejects the brutal repressive measures that took place Tuesday morning (August 8) in a vengeful raid by coup security forces on the house of

Coup Interior Ministry Forces Abduct Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mohamed Suwaidan

The coup security forces abducted Mohamed Suwaidan, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s Beheira governorate, from his home in Alexandria Tuesday morning. Coup militias stormed the house of Suwaidan

Beheira Anti-Coup National Alliance Condemns Latest Extrajudicial Killings by Junta Forces

The pro-democracy broadbased coalition of politicians and parties opposed to the coup in Egypt slams the military junta's security forces for the repeated cold-blooded extrajudicial killings they commit every day

Beheira Brotherhood Slams Latest Military Court Sentences Against 500 Civilians

 The Muslim Brotherhood’s administrative office in Beheira (to the north west of Cairo) condemns the politicized sentences issued by a military court in the fake "Burning of Beheira Town Hall"

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement Applauds Revolutionaries Ingenuity, Selfless Devotion

Egypt's broadbased coalition of anti-coup parties and groups pays tribute to the revolutionaries and the families of martyrs.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: Terrorism, a Junta Product

The mad military in Egypt produces more episodes of violence and terror to distract the people from real coup failures and junta horrors.

Muslim Brotherhood, Pro-Democracy National Alliance in Northern Egypt Slam Junta Negligence

The military junta ruling Egypt by sheer force boasts unprecedented negligence and callousness as dozens of Egyptians die daily in accidents and pile-ups on roads and motorways across the country.