Torture, Slow Death in Egypt Junta’s Aqrab Prison

Releasing foreign spies from prison, coup authorities in Egypt double the vindictive violations they commit daily against some 50,000 Egyptian political prisoners they unjustly hold hostage in the most inhuman

Statement from Mohamed Beltagy Family on Son Kidnapping Monday

Having murdered his sister in cold blood, arrested his father and brother on political trumped up charges, coup forces now arrest Khaled Beltagy – the 16-year old son of Muslim

Revolutionary Women Coalition Slams Junta Violations Against Egypt Leaders Behind Bars

Egypt's revolutionary women coalition denounces inhuman treatment and torture of political prisoners, including Dr Mohamed Beltagy, in junta jails.

Mohamed Beltagy Steadfast Against Relentless Junta Vengeance Campaign

Egyptian political opposition leader Beltagy, 52, is a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood who has been dealt several absurd and ludicrous sentences by the military junta's lopsided justice.

Huge Security Force Arrests 16-Year Old Beltagy Son

Military junta security apparatus abducts Muslim Brotherhood leader Beltagy's second son, a young school student, the latest victim of forced disappearance at the hands of the putschists' police.

Statement by Beltagy’s Family Criticizes Fact-Finding Committee Report

The family of Asmaa Beltagy, killed in Rabaa massacre by coup security forces, issues a statement denouncing false report of the junta's fact-finding

Asmaa Beltagy’s Mother Affirms Criminal Junta Will Not Stop Revolution

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy's wife, Sanaa, denounces increasing junta violence as a sign of weakness.

Freedom and Justice Leader Beltagy’s Wife Concerned for His Life after Surgery

FJP Beltagy's wife Sanaa Abdul-Gawwad places full responsibility for her husband's health on the junta's interior ministry, after a rushed hernia operation.

Beltagy Family Statement Slams Military Junta’s Vindictive Trial of Revolution

The family of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Beltagy issues a statement saying the military generals are clearly trying the Revolution, represented in such symbols as Beltagy and his fellow detained

Beltagy Family, Defense Campaign Reject Life Jail Sentence

Another junta-controlled mindless monkey court violates defendants' right of due process, sentencing Dr Beltagy to life in prison, without bothering to hear defense or witnesses.