URGENT: Sources report arrest of Egyptian MP on board the “Freedom flotilla” following Israeli attack

Egyptian MB MP Dr Mohamed Beltagui and Dr. Hazem Farouk, on board the "Freedom flotilla" arrested and held in prison in Ashdod, Israel

Egypt: Ministry says ‘no’ to May 3rd Peaceful March

The Interior Ministry in Egypt has rejected a request submitted by 6 parliament members to secure a peaceful march on May 3rd.

MB inform security of peaceful march intentions

A delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc led by Dr. Mohamed El-Beltagy, have submitted a letter to the Assistant State Security Official informing of their intentions to conduct a

NDP: Protesters should be shot

A parliamentary meeting which was assembled to discuss breaches to human rights committed by police against protesters, escalated from verbal clashes to fist fight.

Egypt: NDP criticized amid mounting tension

Over 200 activists assembled Tuesday in front of Egypt ’s Supreme Court protesting over the arrests and the beatings of fellow activists at a protest last week that had called

MB delegation to convene with Constitution Party

The MB has appointed a delegation to meet with the Liberal Constitutional Party on Sunday April 11.

Beltagy: Muslim Brotherhood object to sectarian prejudice.

Dr Mohamed Beltagy from the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc stressed that the movements' attendance of the "Sectarian Prejudice" symposium held recently was a bold statement of the group's stance.