Urgent Action

Reliable sources informed Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) that the Security forces attacking the city of Az Zawiyah, the west of Libya, is using ambulance cars to kidnap injured demonstrators, victims

Libya after Gaddafi

Speculation looms worldwide as Libya’s Dictator Gaddafi’s grip loosens on power as to who might be his successor.

MB Statement on Bloody Terrorist Incidents in Libya

The Muslim Brotherhood is delighted with the triumph of the Tunisian and Egyptian peoples in their battle to restore freedom, honor and dignity, and at the same time their hearts

LIBYA: International Community Urged to End Violent Repression of Peaceful Protests

Geneva, 22 February 2011. The World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) and Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) condemn the unlawful killings of protesters by Libyan security forces amidst protests calling for change,

Gadaffi vows to fight to his ‘last drop of blood

Vowing to fight to his last drop of blood the defiant Libyan leader Gaddafi called on his supporters to strike back against protesters and to defend his embattled regime.

Gaddafi’s son: Libya is at a crossroads and everybody wants a piece

In a televised statement on State TV Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of Libyan leader addressed the people stating that the region is experiencing an earthquake, a storm adding that

Save The Libyans From the Savage Dictator

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today said that news coming from Libya reveal that the number of victims of protests demanding democracy in Benghazi alone has reached about

Muslim leaders urge for the end of massacre in Libya

Following the bloody crackdown in Libya Muslim leaders have urged the end of what they described as a massacre after Libya forces killed dozens of protesters in the eastern city

Death toll rises as Libyan regime cracks down on protestors

In what has appeared to be a domino effect in the Arab world where shaken regimes across the region are bracing a wave of demonstrations inspired by the ousters of

Action: Mass killings in el-Baida

Human Rights Solidarity is deeply concerned on the news of mass killings going on since late afternoon of Thursday 17th February 2011, in the town of el-Baida.