Beni Suef


Freedom for Esraa Khaled

Detained on false charges for almost 19 months to-date, Esraa Saeed is to appear in court Monday, accused of a number of absurd and farcical crimes.

After 970-Day Detention, Detainees’ Families Demand Immediate Release

As Sisi justice executes or incarcerates opponents without discrimination, and with no regard for such luxuries as due process, innocent detainees' families endeavor to secure their release.

Anti-Coup Alliance in Beni Suef: Junta Forces Kill 3 Citizens in Cold Blood Monday

Egypt's National Alliance Statement: Military regime forces kill three anti-coup people in Beni Suef with the beginning of the sixth year of the January 25, 2011 Revolution.

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance in Beni Suef Denounces Extrajudicial Killing of Leader Manaf

As another leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood is tortured to death by Egypt's notorious National Security apparatus, the broadbased pro-legitimacy Alliance vows retribution.

Security Personnel Attack Female Students March Inside Azhar University Campus

Egypt’s putschist security apparatuses are breaking every rule and trampling every last social and human value and principle in their ferocious and savage blitz on anti-coup protesters, even female students.

Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Organizes Several Events to Protest Beni Suef Tuesday Massacre

Pro-democracy coalition of parties, groups and movements calls on Egyptians to non-violent demonstrations, sit-ins and rallies to protest Beni Suef Tuesday massacre.

Student Unions Conference: Will Talk to World Universities to Expose Military Coup Crimes

Egypt’s student unions hold pro-democracy, anti-coup conference and vow to use all prudent endeavors to expose the repression and crimes of coup masters and collaborators against students.

Freedom and Justice Party: Egypt Lives Important Stage of Democratic Transition; Seeks to Establish Rule

Freedom and Justice Party Chairman Katatni meets with South Korean Ambassador, who is confident Egypt will get through the current bottleneck of essential transformation.

Monastery in Upper Egypt Extends Hands to FJP

A delegation from the Upper Egypt’s Monastery paid the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party a visit to its headquarters in Beni Suef to congratulate the party on its establishment.

MB chairman launches initiative to engage in dialogue with Coptic youth

Following an amiable phone call between Pope Shenouda and the Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie where he thanked him for his telegraph Badie launched an initiative to engage in