Arab Democracy Now!

The campaign against dictatorship in the Arab world has brought together some strange bedfellows.

The Use of Torture – WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks is releasing a great deal of information, including cables about torture, verifying the well-founded suspicions of many people. But unless something is done, the efforts of the Wiki-leakers will

Israel prevents official German delegation from entering Gaza

Palestinian sources reported that Israeli authorities prevented an official delegation from Germany headed by German minister of development Dirk Niebel along with seven German MPs from entering the Gaza Strip

Mossad agent involved in Dubai assassination arrested in Poland

The German federal prosecutor’s office said Saturday that an Israeli Mossad agent involved in the assassination of one of Hamas's leaders in Dubai was apprehended in Poland and would be

Iran expresses willingness to provide Gaza convoys with military escort

The Spokesman for Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei said that the elite forces in the revolutionary guards are ready to provide military escort for the aid ships trying to break Israel's

Berlin declaration endorses right of resistance, return

More than 10,000 Palestinians residing in Europe issued the Berlin Declaration at conclusion of their two-day conference in the German capital on Sunday evening asserting their right to return to

Massive participation in 8th Palestinians in Europe conference in Berlin

Under the slogan, “Our return is certain and freedom for our prisoners,” the eighth Palestinians in Europe conference has kicked off today in the German capital Berlin with the participation

Palestinians in Europe preparing for their 8th conference in Berlin

The Palestinians in Europe are making preparations for holding their eighth annual conference that will kick off within weeks in the German capital Berlin and highlight the issue of prisoners

Europe holds events in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners

A number of European countries has witnessed lately a series of events in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails organized by different human rights and civil organizations.

Der Speigel: Exchange deal to bear fruit soon

BERLIN, (PIC)-- The German mediation has succeeded in achieving a breakthrough in the prisoners' exchange deal between the Hamas Movement and Israel, German weekly Der Spiegel reported in its latest