Muslim Brotherhood Leader Bishr is Moved from Notorious Aqrab Prison to Tora Prison Hospital

Arrested by junta security agencies for purely political reasons, a Minister in Morsi's legitimate government is prevented from getting his essential medicines while in detention, a heinous and deliberate way

Bishr Family Denounces Ill-Treatment, Denies Discussion of Political Situation With Regime

Morsi government minister's family rejects as utter lies reports of an interview with him while in custody.

Mohamed Ali Bishr’s Family Urges Intervention to Safeguard his Rights, Health

Arrested by junta security forces on trumped-up charges, a Minister in Morsi's legitimate government is prevented from getting his essential medicines while in pre-trial detention, a heinous barbaric way to

Pro-Democracy National Alliance’s Rights Commission Statement on Coup Fact-Finding Committee Stance

The rights commission at Egypt's broadbased coalition of anti-coup parties and groups issues a statement explaining its position vis-à-vis the committee supposedly investigating junta atrocities.

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s Bishr Affirms Conditional Cooperation with Fact-Finding Committee

Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr denies media reports regarding Muslim Brotherhood cooperation with the 'June 30 (2013) Fact-Finding Committee'.

Muslim Brotherhood leader Bishr: No Secret Negotiations, No New Party

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Bishr affirms that there is no truth in media myths about new party or secret 'discussions' with military junta.

Muslim Brotherhood’s Bishr Reiterates Commitment to Non-Violence

Mohammed Ali Bishr reaffirms that the Muslim Brotherhood considers all blood sacred, whether civilian or military.

Mohamed Bishr Offers Condolences on Coptic Pope Mother’s Passing

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood leader Bishr expresses heartfelt grief for the demise of Coptic Pope Tawadros II's mother.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement on Coup Forces Violence Against Peaceful Protesters

Egypt's Anti-Coup National Alliance condemns the violent repression of peaceful protests, and the sham referendum held by coup leaders on the Egyptians' blood; and calls for a complete boycott of

Anti-Coup Alliance Condemns Continued Forced Disappearance of Legitimate President

Egypt's coalition of parties, groups and movements defending democracy denounces coup authorities abducting President Morsi and facing unarmed protesters with brutal, fatal force.