Why Britain must rip up US extradition treaty

Yvonne Ridley considers the appalling state of the USA’s penal institutions and judicial system, where “the accused are often judged by the colour of their skin, religion and class”, and

Tony Blair and the great Islamic threat

People often wind up believing their own cover story. Former British prime minister Tony Blair, for example, is trapped forever in the rationalizations he used in 2003 to explain why

Blair reminds us why the natives revolted

When former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) get together, you know that something slightly frightening will happen.

On Jewish loyalty

Gilad atzmon considers the meaning of “loyalty” in Jewish discourse, against the background of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as an exclusively Jewish state

Hamas, don’t blow this chance

Can the resistance exploit the fake talks, re-position itself and finally "come good”?

Hamas, don’t blow this chance

Stuart Littlewood argues that the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas’s threats to step up violence serve only to aid Israeli and allied Zionist propaganda. He calls on the movement to seize

Blair hit with shoes at pro-Palestinian demonstration in Dublin

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was met by angry anti-Iraq war demonstrators and pro-Palestinians when heading to a book-signing in the Irish capital Dublin.

Dr David Kelly’s postmortem report must be released

Christopher King calls on Britain’s coalition government to release the postmortem report – so far kept secret – on the death of Iraq war whistleblower and UN weapons inspector David

Connecting the Zionist dots: roots of Zionist domination of Britain and the United States

Gilad Atzmon views the historical and cultural roots of Zionist domination of Western politics, especially in Britain and the United States, tracing the Israel stooges’ tools of choice – political