Britain’s Islamic Republic

United Kingdom’s Channel 4 last week aired a program about the Muslim takeover of Britain. I should have known that Dispatches: Britain’s Islamic Republic would be just another opportunity for

Sayel asks Blair to find drastic solution for Gaza power crisis

Walid Sayel, the board chairman of Gaza electricity generation station, has appealed to the international quartet committee topped by its envoy Tony Blair to find a drastic solution to the

Nothing Has Changed in Iraq

Perhaps the only meaningful statement in the testimony of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in front of a committee investigating the war on Iraq, is the one that disclosed

Dangerous Hysteria over Iran’s Nuclear Program

Arab states have no wish to see a nuclear-capable Iran, but they are far more frightened of an Iranian-Israeli war, which could have devastating consequences for the security and stability

An Illegal War is State-Terrorism

What aggression did Iraq commit against the US and the UK that could have justified the war? How did the people of Iraq ever cause any harm to the people

The Litmus Test for the Legality of Iraq War

The future generation of Iraqis may see that the British population have a heart, not just the millions who marched against the war, but the vast majority disagree with this

What Do Iraqis Want?

Instead of curtailing Iraqi independent action and constantly interfering and dictating Iraqi politics, the Obama administration must respect the Iraqis’ quest for liberty and freedom, says Abbas J. Ali.

With Blair-Bush Lies, Muslims Died

From the Native Americans, North and South, to Africans, Arabs, Muslims, Asians, and the Aborigines of Australia and New Zealand, their lives, history, religion, culture and language were fodder for

A Bad Spell of Big Power Behavior

The worst moment of the week was the sight of the snake-like Tony Blair once again showing us how otherwise intelligent, articulate leaders can also comfortably splash around in the

Blair Survives Iraq Inquiry

Blair today is seen for what he really is. Instead of showing contrition and apologizing for the countless dead, maimed and homeless resulting from his reckless beliefs and lack of