Middle East Blogger of the Year: Arabawy

He is the quintessential loud-spoken quiet guy. An oxymoron, probably, but Hossam el-Hamalawy exudes these traits to preciseness.

Egypt’s Opposition Party Turns to Facebook for Support

ABC's Lama Hasan reports from Cairo: To some, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are platforms to connect and converse but to others it is a powerful political

Sinai University Refuses The Blogger Amr Salama

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, ANHRI, denounced the negative practices exercised by the ministry of higher education and the Sinai University against the blogger Amr Salama after refusing

The banning of blogger Amr Salama for being (too opinionated)

The State security agency in Sinai forced the Sinai University's Administration from accepting the enrollment form of blogger Amr Salama.

MB youth speak out with public statement

CAIRO: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has been embroiled in a recent media battle over the internal workings of the organization. This has led to a constant stream of reports that there

Egypt’s Airport Crackdown

Travis Randall called his friends briefly on September 1, to inform them of his arrival at Cairo International Airport. The excitement in his voice could easily be heard as the

Per Bjorklund: dealing with exile

“Welcome to my exile.” With those words trade union activist Mohammed al-Attar greeted me when I went to see him in Alexandria a few months ago.

The Young Brotherhood in Search of a New Path

Today, eighty one years since its creation, the Muslim Brotherhood is no longer a youth-focused organization simply, but a movement that spans across several generations.

Egypt: Bargaining Bloggers to stop opposing the Government

“You will be behind the sun” was the expression used by the Dean Abdul Hadi, General Inspector of State Security at Fayoum (Egyptian Province), while he was interrogating the Egyptian

When it comes to blogging in Egypt maybe “Honesty isn’t the best policy”

It seems that saying or writing what you think may get you into a lot of trouble. The latest in a number of deportations from Egypt include Per Bjorklund, a