Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Bombing Outside Italian Consulate in Cairo

The Muslim Brotherhood's political wing, the FJP, denounces the military coup regime's vicious attempts to drag Egypt into the deadly spiral of violence and civil war.

Muslim Brotherhood’s Qutb Al-Arabi Condemns Heinous Sinai Bombings

Journalist and Muslim Brotherhood Leader Qutb Al-Arabi condemns the latest bombing incident in the Sinai, and places responsibility on the ruling military junta regime.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Events in Sinai

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood issues a statement denouncing the horrid spilling of blood in the Sinai Peninsula.

Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Dubious Subway Bombings in Cairo June 25

Muslim Brotherhood condemns the subway station bombings (earlier this week) and their perpetrators whoever they are, and pray for complete healing for the injured.

Pro-Democracy Alliance: Cowardly Bombings Friday Preemptive Act Against Revolution New Wave

Fascist putschists behind Friday bombings intended to strike at the new wave of the January 25 Revolution, which will persist on the path of peaceful escalation until it brings down

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Anshas Bombing Incident Sunday

The Muslim Brotherhood issues a statement in which it denounces a bombing near an army intelligence facility north of Cairo injuring four soldiers.

Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Ismailia Car Bombing

According to medical sources, one person has been killed and 43 others injured in Egypt’s Ismailia blast.

Investigation Underway as Egyptian Government Blames Foreign Actors in Bombing

Seven people are being held for questioning over the New Year's bombing of the church in the city of Alexandria while 10 others have been released, according to officials.

Bombing Quetta?

An attack on Quetta, and on the leadership of the Afghan Taliban is something else entirely - and not just because bombing Quetta would probably result in mass civilian casualties,

MB Condemn the Tragic Attack that killed Benazir Bhutto

Pakistani former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated in a suicide attack. The terrorist act took place today after an election rally in Rawalpindi .