Israel’s right-wing future

Lawrence Davidson analyses the growth of fascism in Israel, arguing that this process “did not begin ... with 1967 and the taking of the occupied territories. It did not even

PA Speaker: A Unified Law for Houses of Worship and Coptic Quota a Fabricated Lie

Dr. Fathi Sorour, Speaker of the People's Assembly and a leading National Democratic Party (NDP) figure, denied that parliament had received a bill on a unified law for building places

Palestinian gov’t demands Britain to apologize for Balfour declaration

The Palestinian government headed by premier Ismail Haneyya demanded Britain once again to declare publicly its responsibility for Balfour declaration, apologize to the Palestinian people and atone for its historical

Israel’s deputy PM calls off visit to Britain fearing arrest

Dan Meridor, the deputy premier of Israel, has cancelled a scheduled visit to Britain this week after the British justice ministry warned him that he could be arrested on arrival.

Increasing European-Russian convergence

Despite the Cold War, Russia and Europe traded commodities entirely reliably and since abandonment of Russia’s command economy with its dogmas a broad movement for closer economic links has developed.

Reaping terror’s reward: get in there first – that’s the secret

Stuart Littlewood looks at how modern terrorism was in fact pioneered by the Zionists and how Israeli and the US behaviours fit the US definition of terrorism like a glove.

British Liberal Democrat leader Clegg now singing off Zionist hymn-sheet

Stuart Littlewood shows how Britain’s Liberal Democrat leader and deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, has done an about face by rapidly retreating from his previously principled position in support of

Middle East history buff Hague whitewashes Israel’s villainy on the high seas

My MP, a Foreign Office minister in the shiny new coalition government, has written to me saying he believes the foreign secretary was "extremely fair, tough and statesmanlike" in his

How to create your very own terrorist state

Tim Coles takes us through 11 steps necessary to create a “terrorist state”. Using Yemen as a case study, he argues that these steps precisely match US and British policies

At the centre of things

The week that The Economist chose to come out with eight stories on Egypt which dealt with, among other issues, President Hosni Mubarak's health concerns, the president was here and