Brotherhood Elections


MB Opinion: On the recent arrests of the MB

Egyptian Security Forces arrested 16 of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders on Monday February 8, 2010. The arrests included the Brotherhood's Deputy Chairman Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, and three members of the

Hard days ahead for the MB

The latest security clampdown on the Brotherhood's leadership heralds an even tougher policy.

When the alternative is not so different after all

After a difficult and protracted interlude the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) elected a new supreme guide, Mohamed Badei.

Brotherhood changes tack?

Considered by many a conservative academic who will avoid confrontation with the regime, Mohamed Badei, the 67-year- old newly-elected supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), used his first week

Don’t expect Badie to change the Brotherhood

Unlike many of its secular counterparts, the Muslim Brotherhood has never depended on individuals and personalities, but rather on strong organizational and institutional structures.

A Radical Turn for the Muslim Brotherhood?

On January 16, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt – the largest and most influential Islamist movement in the Middle East – announced the election of a new General Guide, the

Breaking news: Chairman appoints deputies and press spokesmen.

Newly elected Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has announced the names of his selected deputies and press spokesmen.

Akef: MB strategy the same despite leadership change

Choosing Mahmoud Hussein as Supreme Guide instead of Mahmoud Ezzat will not alter the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy,

MB’s coming task

"The Brotherhood believes in gradual reform which can be achieved only through peaceful and constitutional struggle based on persuasion and dialogue."

Muslim Brotherhood at a crossroads

There are several recurring themes one becomes wearily familiar with when following the erratic world of Egyptian politics. Sensational revelations about Zionist/Iranian plots to destabilise the nation are a permanent