Brotherhood Headquarters


Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie Receives French Ambassador

Seeking to deepen and extend relations between France and Egypt, the French Ambassador visits Brotherhood leader Badie at the group’s headquarters in Cairo.

FJP – Alexandria Celebrates Orphans Day: Violence Will Not Stop Us Building Egypt

Certain political parties and individuals persist in use of force, collaborating with old-guard vandals and provocateurs, while the Muslim Brotherhood and its Freedom and Justice Party strife to rebuild and

Muslim Brotherhood’s Mehrez: Rule of Law is No Revenge, But Facing Up to Violence and

With numerous anti-Brotherhood crimes so far uninvestigated, some haters find it strange that now the Egyptian prosecution service is taking action to investigate offenders involved in Moqattam attacks.

Brotherhood Lawyer Lodges Legal Complaint Against 169 Persons for Moqattam Attacks

Muslim Brotherhood top lawyer Abdel-Maksoud submits 54 video clips and 155 photographs by way of evidence against dozens of political and other figures who called Friday protests.

Muslim Brotherhood Vows to Respond Forcefully to Mokattam Violent Events with Legal Action

Despite deliberate violence, sabotage and savagery by old regime provocateurs and opposition thugs, Brotherhood leaders commit to patient and peaceful, yet forceful, legal action.

Beltagy: Thugs and Militias Attacking Brotherhood Youth Outside Headquarters No Revolutionaries

There are ways and means to make revolutionary demands, none of which involve pistols, clubs or Molotov cocktail fire-bombs.

Day of Arson, Shooting and Terror

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood had no time to celebrate its 85th anniversary or mother’s day as it fended off waves of determined thugs armed with pistols, bladed weapons, sticks and Molotov

Salafi Call Supports Freedom and Justice Party; Demands Investigation into Mosque Sieges

Powerful Islamist group ‘Salafi Call’ urges all parties, Islamist and non-Islamist, to show solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP against protest violence that threatens political life.

Mahmoud Ezzat: Insults, Violence Will Not Break Muslim Brotherhood Resolve to Serve Egypt

Brotherhood leader Ezzat affirms that the group will not be disheartened by old regime thugs and cronies resorting to extreme and desperate verbal and physical violence against the group and

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns All Forms of Violence

Although certain opposition parties and individuals give political cover to acts of arson and vandalism, the Muslim Brotherhood denounces violence even in the face of provocation and abuse.