Brotherhood Denounces Alleged Meeting with Military-Appointed President’s Media Advisor

The military junta’s infernal media machine churns out a new propaganda ploy to fraudulently beautify the traitorous commanders and collaborators, pretending they are negotiating with Islamists.

Egypt’s Security Apparatus Harassing Citizens to Smear Muslim Brotherhood

Contrary to vicious campaigns aiming to discredit the Brotherhood and the moderate Islamist current at large, the group’s approach to enjoining good is a gentle gradual path of persuasion, patience,

Muslim Brotherhood loses out in Egypt’s elections

The final results of Egypt's parliamentary election will drain the country's main opposition political group, the Muslim Brotherhood, of much of its legislative power.

Brotherhood’s slogan is not the problem

I’m against the use of religious slogans in election campaigns and the inclusion of religion in partisan affairs.

Time for Muslims to take a stand against hatred

Helen of Troy launched a thousand ships, and of course, a war. The recent acrimony surrounding the disputed conversions of two Coptic women in Egypt is not the stuff of

‘Participate, not contest’

The Muslim Brotherhood's decision to participate in, rather than boycott, November's parliamentary elections added a dash of spice to the otherwise insipid political climate.

Playing in downtime

The Muslim Brotherhood habitually tries to capitalise on the "downtime" of transitional periods in Egyptian history.

MBs petition for reform gathers 414,000 signatures in 29 days

The number of signatures collected by the Muslim Brotherhood's online campaign "Seven demands for reform" launched by Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie and adopted by Egypt's political opposition, has reaped nearly

Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood continues in Egypt

The Brotherhood won 88 seats in the 454-seat Assembly during landmark elections in 2005.

Going after Jordan’s Al Capone?

When King Abdullah disbanded Parliament, his new Prime Minister Samir Rifa'i had made battling corruption a top priority, though there was skepticism given that he had himself been reportedly forced