Islamaphobia Rapidly Spreads Through Europe By Pepe Escobar, Asia Times

Last Saturday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stunned the world by declaring, in front of young members of her party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), that multiculturalism - or multikulti, as

Jordan’s MB offshoot denounces French niqab ban

France's ban on the full-face veils has been deeply condemned by the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Jordan who described the ban as an "affront" to dignity.

Catalonia: Veil Ban Motion Defeated

Catalonia’s parliament rejected Thursday a move to ban the wearing of the Islamic burqa in public places across the Spanish region after reversing an initial vote.

Belgian School Fires Teacher for Wearing Veil

Belgium beat France to the face veil ban, looks like the fall out is already being felt.

Beyond the burqa

IN MUSLIM countries, a conservative head-covering does not always mean being conservative in other ways.

Half of Europeans oppose headscarf, support crucifix in classrooms

Nowadays, racists and bigots usually come up with justifications to cover up their racism and bigotry, to give cover to it and to package it in something nicer. Bans on

PLC castigates IOA for proposing ban on Niqab

The chairmanship of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC) has castigated the reported draft proposal by a member of the Israeli parliament to ban Niqab in public places in 1948 occupied

Muslim driver fined for wearing veil

A Muslim woman has accused French police of attacking her freedom after she was fined for wearing a niqab while driving in the city of Nantes.

A Jewish voice against the “burqa ban”

While studying abroad in the French city of Strasbourg in 2007, I decided to grow a bushy beard. Little did I know that in France only traditional Jewish and Muslim

To wear the burqa or not.

This is with reference to the news, ‘France Moves to Outlaw Burqa (KT, January 24).