Bush Administration


Either one state for all, or open-ended conflict

Reluctant voices in Washington D.C. have finally admitted that the persistence of the Palestinian plight, namely the continued Israeli efforts to liquidate the Palestinian cause by way of building more

Muslim Brotherhood figure dropped from UN Terrorist Finance list

Nada confirmed to "Newsweek" that he was aware that his name had been dropped from the U.N. sanctions list however it was still on the American list adding that he

Necons side with Israel against Obama

In a phrase that the neocons used in the 1980s to demonize Americans who criticized Ronald Reagan’s bloody policies in Central America, it could be said that the Washington Post’s

Good Muslim, Bad Muslim

Literature produced during the colonial era, especially by orientalist scholars, depicted Muslims in a binary manner. 'Good' Muslims were those who either collaborated with the colonial enterprise or accepted the

House Rejects Afghan Withdrawl, 356-65

In 2001, the US Congress never declared war on Afghanistan. But this week and almost nine years on, only sixty-five members voted to withdraw American troops from that undeclared war,

Hard Lessons of the My Lai Massacre

Those 'merchants of death' try to hide the gruesome realities of war and instead try, with aggressive propaganda, to make war look like something patriotic. They try to convince the

Taboo Inhibits Frank Iran/Israel Talk

The main 'positive' of robust sanctions against a country like Iran is simply that those who impose them can feel good. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to target

Hillary disappoints the Muslim world

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton worked tirelessly to earn her party's nomination, yet it was Barack Obama who rode to office on a wave of goodwill. Which means