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Egypt Ministry of Aviation Outlines Significant New Investment Opportunities within Two Months

Back from the Airport City Conference in South Africa, Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation prepares to make a formal announcement of the latest investment opportunities available.

Freedom and Justice Party Congratulates Egyptian U-20 Youth Team at Cairo Airport

FJP leader Erian offered hearty congratulations to Egypt’s Under-20 soccer team who has just won African Championship’s final in Ghana.

Israeli ambassador to Cairo flees to Israel after discovering Mossad spy ring

- The Egyptian newspaper Al-Youm Assabe'a revealed that Israel's ambassador Isaac Levanon left Cairo immediately after the Egyptian authorities discovered a spy ring affiliated with the Mossad and pointed out

For the First Time El-Baradei Harrassed at Cairo Airport

Egypt's former UN nuclear watchdog, Chief Mohamed El-Baradei was subject to harrassment by security officers at Cairo Airport as soon as he arrived yesterday. He was stopped by officials while

Egyptian-American caught with weapons at Cairo airport

Mohamed Ibrahim Marei’s reason for being nervous was that in a secrete compartment of his checked luggage, customs found two undeclared 9mm handguns, 250 rounds in a metal box, two

What does ElBaradei want?

Back to the ElBaradei campaign's potential. The sense that I get is that most of his prominent supporters are focusing on the potential for ElBaradei to be a symbol, a

The Campaign for ElBaradei

Two days ago we went to the office of a small NGO in Downtown Cairo to meet Abdel Rahman Youssef, poet, television presenter and activist who is being the campaign

Egypt FM: US diplomats will not enter without visas

the Egyptian authorities would deny entry to any US or European diplomat in case this diplomat did not get a pre-attached visa to Egypt in his or her diplomatic passport.”

600 Israelis Travel to Egypt for Pilgrimage

Dozens of Israelis are making an annual pilgrimage to the tomb of a 19th-century Jewish holy man in Egypt’s Nile Delta.

Egypt’s Airport Crackdown

Travis Randall called his friends briefly on September 1, to inform them of his arrival at Cairo International Airport. The excitement in his voice could easily be heard as the