Cairo Criminal Court


Mohamed Salah el-Sanousi tortured and arrested for the second time

El-Sanousi’s mother challenged the warrant in Criminal Court which ruled in her favour however the verdict was defied and el-Sanousi was arrested and tortured once again.

The long awaited release of Dr. Gamal Abdul Salam

Security services released Dr. Gamal Abdul Salam, Rapporteur of the Jerusalem Committee of the Arab Doctors Union and the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate in 2005 legislative elections after receiving an acquittal

Court order defiance of release orders all too frequent.

The re-arrests of distinguished and highly ranked Muslim Brotherhood leaders exemplify the all too frequent defiance by the security forces of court orders for the release of citizens. For the

5 MB High-Ranking leaders in Upper Egypt released

Security Services released five of the Brotherhood’s high ranking figures from Upper Egypt following the Cairo Criminal Court’s decision to release them on November 1st, 2009. The detainees had been

Egyptian Court Acquits 18 Sharqiya MB Leaders

Cairo Criminal Court acquitted last Sunday 18 Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders from Sharqiya; the MB members were detained in prisons of Wadi Al-Natrun and Burj Al-Arab according to arrest

Message from Son of Detained Journalist Ahmed Ezzuddin

The following message was sent from Omar Ezzuddin, the son of journalist Ahmed Ezzuddin, who is currently jailed, and has been transferred to a military tribunal, pending the trial of some

Jail 6 MB Leaders Extended, 34 Students Released

The jail of six Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders, among the 40 MB leaders referred to a military court, was prolonged for 15 days pending trial.

Egypt: Second Arrest Warrant Against 42 Al-Azhar University Students

The Egyptian Interior Ministry issued an arrest warrant again against 42 Al-Azhar University students after Cairo Criminal court acquitted them last Wednesday Jan., 31, 2007, on Al-Azhar case No. 963

Egypt: Cairo Court Orders 42 Azhar Students Released

The Cairo Criminal Court issued on Wednesday a ruling of releasing 42 of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students on Al-Azhar case No.

Court Adjourn Hearing to Appeal Freezing MB Assets

Cairo Criminal Court delayed, on Tuesday afternoon, hearing the appeal against the Egyptian Attorney General’s decision of freezing the assets of 29 Muslim Brotherhood leaders topped Eng. Khairat Al Shater,