Cairo University


Ministry of Health Announces 20 Dead, 380 Wounded in Massacre of Pro-Morsi Demonstrators

A massacre of pro-democracy, pro-Morsi demonstrators, described as the second ‘Battle of the Camel’, armed thugs attacked a march with machine guns, as police forces fired teargas canisters at the

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Friday 15 Demonstration Rallies

Favoring the ‘Together, We Build Egypt’ comprehensive development and public service campaign, the Brotherhood will only have a symbolic presence in Friday, February 15 demonstration rallies.

Islamists Change Location for Saturday’s Legitimacy and Sharia Million-Man Rally to Cairo University

In yet another indication of their peaceful message and prudent approach, Egypt’s Islamist parties, groups and movements move their intended location for ‘Support Sharia (Islamic Law)’ demonstration and mass rally

Erdogan in Cairo Visit Saturday, November 17

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan meets Egyptian President Morsi on Saturday to discuss ongoing Israeli assaults on besieged Gaza and coordinate their countries’ stance on the issue.

MB Professor Elected Chair of Journalism Department at Cairo University

For the first time in decades, a professor who is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Sulaiman Saleh, has been elected as the chairman of the Journalism Department at Cairo

Azmy Beshara Speaks at Cairo University Conference Discussing Impact of Egypt’s Revolution

With the conclusion of activities at Cairo’s University the Department of Political Science has scheduled its annual conference.

Cairo University Holds Conference Highlighting Lessons of the Revolution

A conference has been organized highlighting the lessons learned from Egypt’s nonviolent revolution which succeeded in toppling former president Mubarak and his corrupt regime.

MB and Socialists Together in the Students’ Elections for the First Time in 16 Years

The “Free Ones in Cairo University” gained a large proportion of the votes in the run-off in the Student Union’s elections.

Obama’s Grandmother Prays He Embraces Islam

Barack Obama's Kenyan grandmother says she prayed during a hajj pilgrimage to Mecca for the American leader to convert to Islam, according to reports.

Egyptian national parties organize strike

Egyptian national parties organized a strike in front of Cairo University, complaining about the humiliation that professors and students face and the ill-treatment they receive from security guards and gangsters