Camel Battle


Muslim Brotherhood Youth: No Unit 95 – Our Message is of Peace and Cooperation

Refuting most absurd claims circulating in dubious media, Brotherhood youth have taken to Twitter and Facebook with numerous pages ridiculing the so-called Brotherhood Unit 95 idea, while affirming the peaceful

Camel Battle 2 Targets Muslim Brotherhood Outside Itehadia Presidential Palace

With feverish media cover, and so-called liberal political leaders aiding and abetting anti-Morsi mercenaries, a second ‘Camel Battle’ claimed the lives of 9 unarmed Muslim Brotherhood youths out to peacefully

Freedom and Justice Party Statement Condemning Tahrir Square Friday Clashes

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood political wing has issued a statement denouncing Friday’s violent clashes in Tahrir Square that left scores injured.

Ashri: Counter-Revolution Old-Regime Stalwarts Free to Roam Again

Freedom and Justice Party leader Ashri rejects attempts by certain parties to take over Cairo’s iconic Tahrir Square, pushing away other protesters and demonstrators, as ousted Mubarak’s men make their

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Camel Battle Case Verdicts

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, condemns the acquittal of all defendants held for involvement in the murderous January 25 revolution event called the Battle of the Camel.

Muslim Brotherhood to Join Protests against Acquittal of Revolution’s Camel Battle Defendants

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood responds to calls for million-man protest marches around the country, as Cairo Criminal Court, yet again, exonerates all those suspected of murdering peaceful demonstrators.

33 Public Figures Reject Shafiq’s Accusations of The Muslim Brotherhood

Rejecting former Prime Minister Shafiq’s absurd claims against the Muslim Brotherhood, prominent Egyptian personalities from across the political and social spectrum reverse his charges, accusing Shafiq and his aides of