Erian: US Syria Position Not for Revolution or Freedom

FJP leader Erian regrets US position on Syrian, which seeks to serve US economic and other interests more than the people being ruthlessly massacred by Assad’s blood-thirsty war machine.

Katatni: Freedom and Justice Party Determined to Increase Cooperation with China

FJP head Katatni and Chinese Ambassador Song Aiguo discuss ways to boost bilateral relations as well as economic and industrial cooperation.

Egypt Receives Extensive Export Orders for ‘Egyptian iPad’; Manufactures First Car Soon

With production of the first Egyptian ‘iPad-like’ tablet PC just started, order lists are filling up fast, while the country prepares for manufacturing its first car in years.

Following Morsi’s Visit, Chinese Investors See Promising Opportunities in ‘Gate to Africa’ Egypt

Egyptian President Morsi assures that Egypt is well-qualified for a strong launch into new horizons and a bright future, and that it has the will and the resources to make

Morsi and Hu Jintao Underscore Need to End Syrian Crisis

Egypt’s president Mohamed Morsi and China’s Hu Jintao express agreement and determination to work together to resolve the Syrian crisis and urgently stop the daily bloodshed in Syria’s streets.

Freedom and Justice Party Delegation on China Official Visit

With the Sino-Egyptian relationship described as strategic cooperation between two of the world’s most populous countries, the FJP seeks to forge even deeper and more mutually beneficial ties with China.

The Freedom and Justice Party Views on Current Events

Egypt still suffers persistent economic, political and security crises due to the weak performance of the interim government, which seems totally oblivious of the desire and the will of the

Morsi Receives Chinese Delegation

Dr. Mohamed Morsi urges Chinese to take a more humane stance in ongoing Syrian revolution issue, to stop wanton violence and destruction wreaked by Assad and his military might.

Egyptian Parliament’s Arab Affairs Committee Urges Syria Support

As Assad follows in Gaddafi’s footsteps, Egyptian Brotherhood leader Dr. Beltagy demands urgent support for Syrian Revolution, and Egypt’s Parliament escalates tone against ruthless regime.

Heshmat Welcomes Recall of Egyptian Ambassador to Syria; Demands Bashar Departure

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has urgently summoned Shawky Ismail, the Egyptian Ambassador to Damascus. Amr Rushdie, a spokesman for the Ministry and Minister Plenipotentiary, said, “On Sunday morning, the Minister