The Muslim Brotherhood Sends a Message of Peace and Goodwill to Their Coptic Brothers and

The Muslim Brotherhood would like to wish our Coptic Christian brothers and sisters a most blessed and joyous Christmas.

Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party Congratulate Copts Celebrating Christmas

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the FJP, express sincere congratulations to all Christians for Christmas; visit Egypt’s three Churches Sunday.

Muslim Brotherhood Attends First Christmas Celebrations Following Toppling of Mubarak

This year's Christmas celebrations, the first following the ousting of Mubarak and his regime, took on a new note with the meeting between Muslim Brotherhood (MB), leaders and Church representatives

MB Assigns Its Young Members to Protect Churches During New Year’s Mass

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, media spokesman and Executive Bureau member for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stated that the group has appointed youth from the MB nationwide to stand guard and protect

IOF troops assault Spanish group at the entrance of Bethlehem

-- IOF troops assaulted a group of Spanish tourists on Thursday afternoon as they tried to enter the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem through its northern entrance to participate

Julian Assange – a Christmas story

Rachel Stephens argues that this Christmas people should “celebrate the continuing tradition of Christ, who railed against the law makers of his time in an attempt to bring love, hope

Sectarian Tensions

Tensions remain high following a shooting that left six Copts and one police officer dead on January 6,

Angry confrontation between Naga’a Hamadi’s deputy and governor.

Qena's deputy and representative in Parliament Georgette Kelleny called for the removal of Qena's governor Magdy Ayoub by public Coptic demand.

Beware Anti-Muslim Hysteria

Whenever there is an intelligence breakdown, we are told we need to sacrifice more liberties.

Expert Weighs In On New Security Steps For U.S.-Bound Flights

In the wake of the failed Christmas-day bombing attempt on a U.S.-bound airliner, the United States has implemented more stringent security measures focusing on passengers from 14 countries.