Church Bombing


Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Egyptian Church Bombing in Libya

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, condemns the bombing of the Coptic church in Misrata – Libya and calls for quick action to arrest and prosecute

FJP MPs Pay Tribute to Last Year’s Church Bombing in Alexandria

Freedom and Justice Party MP Salah Noaman and Independent MP Chancellor Mahmoud Khodairy participated in the memorial service held at the Orthodox Church in King Marriot, Alexandria for the victims

MB Lawyer: Delaying Court Cases against Killers of Protesters Unacceptable

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) lawyer and head of the Egyptian Lawyer’s Freedom Committee, Gamal Tag el Deen stated that any delay of investigations and trials of those accused of killing and

Abducted Man’s Mother Fears Son Dead

Fear and panic gripped hundreds of families of detainees who were taken to the Alexandria headquarters of State Security Intelligence 18 days ago under the pretext of conducting investigations into

Eight Protestors Trial Postponed as Activists Cry Foul

Eight protestors arrested earlier this week were released by a Misdemeanor Court in Cairo after they were detained on the backdrop of protests against the church blast in Alexandria on

MB Chairman Calls for National Unity while facing Sectarian Strife

Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), affirmed that the blind and cowardly crime on the Qedesinne Church in Alexandria was not only an attack against Christians and

23 dead in latest Alexandria Bomb Toll as Protests escalate Across Egypt

The number of victims of the Alexandria church bombing has climbed to 23. According to Church sources the number of victims of the church blasts in Alexandria has reached 23

White House Gathers Information on Alexandria’s Church Bombing

Michael Mounir, spokesman of Hand-in-Hand for Egypt, has received calls from White House officials inquiring about the criminal blast that took place outside the Al-Qiddissine (The Saints) church on Saturday,

ANHRI Statement: Egypt’s State of Emergency failed to Stop Terrorism

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information issued a statement stressing that the terrorist act in Alexandria which killed tens of Egyptians, during the Church bombing on New Year’s eve

Politicians: Alexandria ‘s Church Bombing Reveals Serious Security Breach and al-Qaeda Bears Full Responsibility

Political experts emphasized that Al-Qaeda is behind the terrorist bomb blast in front of Alexandria 's Church of Saints , and they have ruled out the possibility that the terrorists