Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Terrorist Attack on Marmina Church

The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns the terrorist attack on  Marmina Church in Helwan, south of Cairo, which took place today [Friday, December 29, 2017], despite the announcement by the military

Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Denounces Tawadros Visit to Jerusalem

The broadbased national coalition slams a controversial visit to Jerusalem by pope Tawadros in spite of the Church's 1979 ban on pilgrimage to the city while it remains under Israeli

Dardery Denounces Displacement of Copts; Urges Church to Stand with Revolution

FJP leading member Dardery condemns the expulsion of Coptic families, inviting Egypt's Christians to actively join the Revolution.

Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy National Alliance in Minya Denounces Church Attack Tuesday

Egypt's coalition of groups and politicians opposed to the illegitimate coup mourns the death of two policemen who were gunned down at dawn Tuesday as they stood guard outside a

Pro-Democracy Alliance: Cowardly Bombings Friday Preemptive Act Against Revolution New Wave

Fascist putschists behind Friday bombings intended to strike at the new wave of the January 25 Revolution, which will persist on the path of peaceful escalation until it brings down

Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance Strongly Denounces Warraq Church Incident

The anti-coup coalition of Egyptian parties, groups and movements defending democracy and constitutional legitimacy calls for urgent investigation in an attack outside Warraq Church.

FJP: Khaled Saeed Murderers Now Kill Women; Killed Copts in ‘Two Saints’ Church

Freedom and Justice Party affirms that the murderers of Khaled Saeed are the same security operatives who killed Christians in ‘Two Saints’ Church in Alexandria, in 2011, and now kill

Arbitrary Arrests and Detention of Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Drag Egypt to Repression Era

Police State terror tactics and preordained, vindictive incarceration of Brotherhood leaders are clear signs that the old regime is back where it longed to be.

Christian Professor: ‘Drown Egypt in Blood of Jesus’ Speech Provocative, Inappropriate

A video of a Christian preacher heating up masses at a special Church service Wednesday with ‘Drown Egypt in Blood of Christ! Drown every neighborhood and every street’ cries is

Khossos Muslims and Copts in Reconciliation Meeting

As neighbors at home and partners at work, Muslims and Christians in Egypt commit to peaceful coexistence and to foil attempts to stoke sedition.