Brotherhood Statement Condemns Egyptian Media Mishandling of Warraq Church Attack

Reiterating the peacefulness of its discourse, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood deplores the relentless media war against it, especially the latest barrage of lies and deliberate misinformation regarding the violent attack outside

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Attacks on Town of Delga by Military Junta

The Muslim Brotherhood press office in London issued the following statement in response to latest attack by military and security forces against the town of Delga, Al Minya governorate, south

Christians Against The Coup: Christians Suffered No Violation During Brotherhood Rule

Egypt’s anti-coup, pro-democracy Christian liberal movement affirms that Christians were never subjected to any repression or harassment under Muslim Brotherhood rule.

Muslim Brotherhood Message: Peace and Tolerance Title of Revolution

The 85-year old organization remains committed to peaceful protest, as it exhorts all Egyptians – young and old, Muslims and Christians – to join ranks and wrest their rights and

Muslim Brotherhood’s Aref Mourns Death of 24 Security Soldiers in Egyptian Rafah

Heinous masterminds seem determined to drag Egypt to the abyss of civil war, plotting and executing massacres of peaceful protesters and security forces, and burning churches and Copts’ shops, to

Video: Coptic Priest Says Police Did Not Protect Churches from Violence Despite Plea

In Minya governorate, Egypt, the Coptic bishop of a church torched by thugs Thursday says security forces withdrew, refusing to do their duty to protect the church just before the

FJP Condemns Attacks on Copts; Reaffirms Revolution Non-Violence

In a press release Thursday, Murad Ali, Media Spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Freedom and Justice Party, condemns attacks against Copts, churches and property, and stresses the peacefulness of the

Al-Azhar Initiative to Halt Ongoing Violence in Egypt

Translation of the full text of Al-Azhar document renouncing violence, seeking common ground among rivals across the Egyptian political spectrum, and recognizing dialogue as the only way to resolve difference

Mubarak Loyalists Attempt to Trigger Sectarian Strife in a Bid to Smear Morsi Campaign in

Egypt’s old guard loyalists escalate their actions against the revolutionaries and the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, resorting to last-ditch heinous acts of lawlessness, violence and

Tariq Al-Bishry: Using MB as Scarecrow Is Over

Constitutional Amendments Committee Chairman Tarek el-Bishry said: "I think the Muslim Brotherhood's ideology is far from revolutionary Shiite ideology of Welayat-e faqih in Iran."