Norway Massacre: The Outcome of Hate or the Beginning?

Downtown Oslo, Norway now resembles one of many war-torn streets around the world; blasted buildings, blown out windows, shattered glass, death and destruction. This is not war-time; however, there is

Lebanese Hezbollah leader Nasrallah could be right

Alan Hart explains why we should not dismiss lightly Lebanese Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s assertion that the tribunal investigating the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri as “an American

Tunisia – the people’s revolution

Yvonne Ridley comments on the British media’s lopsided coverage of the uprising in Tunisia – devoting airtime to the inconvenience caused to UK tourists and focusing on the role of

You get the truth only from ‘former’ officials’

Warning from the Obama administration's submission to Israeli pressure, in an interview with OTV, Michael Scheuer, a 'former' senior CIA officer, said: "Three hundred million Americans could wake up tomorrow

The Grudge, An Inverted History Of Israel And America

Two weeks ago, USS Liberty survivor, Philip Tourney, was told he would be killed within a month. The threat made against Tourney, US Navy veteran and heroic survivor of the

Gordon Duff: Israeli Ambassador Admits Rogue Operations, Spying And Worse

Israel's ambassador to the United States on Monday said that convicted spy Jonathan Pollard was not working for Israeli government spymasters but for a rogue intelligence agency – apparently contradicting

Polanski?s ghost writer: Tony Blair and the absent Zionists and Israel lobbyists

It is somewhat puzzling that the director, Roman Polanski, who has managed to evade justice for more than three decades, decided to make a film chronicling a disgraced British prime

Taboo Inhibits Frank Iran/Israel Talk

The main 'positive' of robust sanctions against a country like Iran is simply that those who impose them can feel good. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to target

Obama’s Hesitant Embrace of Human Rights

As one would expect from so eloquent a leader, US President Barack Obama has brought about a marked improvement in presidential rhetoric on human rights in comparison with his predecessor.

Operation Breakfast Redux

he CIA’s escalating drone war in the Pakistani tribal borderlands and Richard Nixon’s secret bombing campaign against the Cambodian equivalent, argues Pratap Chatterjee.