Civil Society Organizations


Egypt Rights Groups Accuse SCAF of Deliberate Smear Campaign

In a press conference Wednesday sponsored by 36 Egyptian human rights organizations at the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, the NGO's announced their condemnation of the "very fierce campaign"

Human Rights Group Express Deep Concern on Violence Against Citizens

The undersigned human rights organizations expressed deep concern and condemnation of the vicious attacks on Egyptian civil society organizations, since the uprising of January 25th , calling for democracy.

Background Report on Egyptian Civil Society Election Monitoring in Upcoming Elections

The Egyptian government has steadfastly refused to grant international election monitors access to monitor parliamentary elections this week. Senior Egyptian officials have rebuffed repeated requests from US government officials, claiming

Independent Coalition: Government Has Started Rigging Elections and HEC Speaks on Behalf of the Interior

The independent Coalition for Monitoring the Elections accused the High Elections Committee (HEC) of being useless. It stated in its second report on the elections that it was clearly evident

NGOs Slam Restrictions on Poll Monitoring

76 Egyptian civil society organizations were issued permits by the the High Elections Commission (HEC) to monitor the country’s parliamentary elections.

MB Media Spokesman Welcomes Monitoring by Civil Organizations

The Muslim Brotherhood's media spokesman and executive member, Dr Mohamed Morsy, stressed that he rejected US interference in Egypt's affairs including the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled to take place on

US State Department Calls for Transparency in Elections

P.J. Crowley, the US state department's spokesmen and Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Public Affairs urged the Egyptian authorities to ensure that elections were held in a free and

Political forces unite against the tyranny of the Egyptian regime

The recent arrests against members of the Muslim Brotherhood prompted angry responses from opposing politicians who took part in the “Seven Demands Campaign”.

Health Ministry calls on donors to check with it first

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza called on all countries and civil society organizations which provide medical contributions, to check with it to determine the medicines required by Gaza’s

NGO’s to monitor Shura Elections

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights has announced that it will monitor the upcoming midterm Shura elections in 35 constituencies