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Egypt Opposition Leaders Mourn Violence Victim

Statement to the Egyptian People  "To Allah we belong, and to Him we shall return" (Quran, 2:156) Together, we mourn the loss of patriotic sons and daughters – soldiers, civilians,

FJP’s Omaima Kamel: Recommendations Aim to Prevent Violence against Women and Family

Egyptian President’s advisor Omaima announces recommendations for new laws and facilities to better address, combat and eliminate violence against women and the whole family at large.

Tourist Trips in Egypt Port-Cities Safaga and Port Said Boosted

Despite anti-government media propaganda that exaggerates Egypt’s security problem, which is limited to approximately 2 square miles in total, tourism is in fact picking up fast.

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie Receives French Ambassador

Seeking to deepen and extend relations between France and Egypt, the French Ambassador visits Brotherhood leader Badie at the group’s headquarters in Cairo.

FJP: Judiciary Always Required to Serve Interests of Homeland, Revolution and Rule of Justice

Certain members of Egypt’s judiciary have been working desperately to derail the revolution for personal fears of shameful revelations about their nefarious activities and corruption.

MP Al-Komi: Community Dialogue to Precede Parliament Final Approval of Protest Law

Egypt parliament debates new law to protect right to peaceful protest and demonstration, which will be passed only after nation-wide community consultation and dialogue.

Tunisia: Ennahdha Party Statement following announcement of preliminary findings of investigation into assassination of Chokri

Following the announcement of preliminary findings of the investigation which indicate the implication of radical extremists in the assasination of the late Chokri Belaid, Ennahdha Party:

Murad Ali: Freedom and Justice Party Will Not Get Dragged into Others’ Plans and Violence

While certain opposition forces get up to their necks in acts of violence and criminal vandalism, as well as schemes of treason and sabotage, the FJP seeks to help establish

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on January 25 Revolution Anniversary Violent Incidents

While some mark the 2nd anniversary of the Revolution with sincere efforts to help low-income Egyptians, some others wage a desperate war of mindless mayhem, destruction and vandalism.

Muslim Brotherhood: Services for Egyptian Public Regular, Unrelated to Any Elections

The Muslim Brotherhood is eager for everyone to positively and actively participate in the campaign to serve the entire Egyptian people across the country’s governorates.