Civil State


Mukhtar Ashri: Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party Reject Violence

Freedom and Justice Party believes lawsuits filed against the Muslim Brotherhood aim to divert the attention of Egyptians from President Morsi’s positive action to establish a civil state.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on The Complementary Constitutional Declaration

There is one word to describe the interim ruling Military Council (SCAF)’s rush to dissolve Egypt’s first ever freely elected parliament, ostensibly because the SCAF-made law on which parliamentary elections

Coptic Academic Urges Christians to Support Revolution and Brotherhood Candidate Morsi

According to Dr. Naguib, an Egyptian Coptic Christian, many of his fellow Copts will choose the Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice leader Dr. Morsi for president, to protect the

Dr. Morsi in Sufi Orders Meeting: the Ruler is Meant to Serve the People

Talking to Sufi leaders about his electoral program, the Brotherhood’s presidential nominee – who is also the Chairman of the Freedom and Justice party – details Nahda project, its objectives

Dr. Morsi ‘90 Minutes’ Interview – Tuesday, May 15

During his interview with Amr Laithi, Dr. Morsi affirmed that with Islamic reference, the nation is the source of authority, and that Christians are an integral part of the fabric

FJP Elects Hussein Ibrahim Majority Leader

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Parliamentary Commission nominated – during its first meeting on Sunday afternoon – Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni as the party's candidate for the Speaker of

Seeking Consensus, the FJP Remains Wary of Alliance with Salafis

Despite widespread speculation to the contrary, the Muslim Brotherhood's political wing -- the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) -- has consistently ruled out the possibility of forming any strategic alliance

“Partners in Homeland”: Muslim-Coptic Partnership Initiative Launched in Egypt

A team of volunteers not affiliated with any religious or political party, from the Rehab City and New Cairo district joined together in an effort to propose visions for an

FJP Candidate Manal Aboulhassan: Massive Women Turnout at Elections is Inspiring

In the first democratic elections that Egypt witnesses in decades, there has been a huge female turnout in Cairo and other governerates, in the first phase of the legislative elections

FJP Officials Meet Former Sudanese Prime Minister

Freedom and Justice Party leaders (FJP), Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Dr. Saad Katatny, and Dr. Essam El-Erian, met Saturday with a delegation from the Sudanese Omma Party led by Alsadeq Almahdy,