Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Syrian Regime’s Massacres in Douma

The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns the genocide committed by the Syrian regime, amid the silence of the world, in the eastern Ghouta, culminating in the horrific massacre using chemical weapons

Statement by the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria on the Massacres in Ghouta

In view of the horrific massacres and genocide by Assad regime forces with the support of the Russian and Iranian occupation in the eastern Ghouta, and with an international silence

Rights Group Documents 40 Human Rights Violations by Egypt’s Military Regime in a Week

The Egyptian Coordination Committee for Rights and Freedoms documented during the week of February 17-23 more than 40 human rights violations in Egypt, ranging from 37 cases of arbitrary detention

African Human Rights Commission: Halt Death Sentences Against Innocent Civilians in Egypt

African Human Rights Commission: Halt Death Sentences Against Innocent Civilians in Egypt  Statement by the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights:  On the 31st January 2018, the African Commission

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Russian Occupation

In a new and significant development, Russian military movements began in the heart of Syrian territories, proving the permanent member of the Security Council is now playing the role of

Rights Group Criticizes Sentences Against 26 Military Officers, Calls for Retrial

The International Association of Rights and Freedoms deplores sentences handed down against 26 military personnel and two civilians without trial or legal due process.

Human Rights Report Uncovers Significant Increase in Junta Crimes and Violations Against Protesters

As Egyptians mark the fourth anniversary of the January 25 Revolution, coup security forces are escalating their relentless campaign of brutal crimes and violations against unarmed civilians protesting against the

Amr Darrag: Power to Be Shared in Post-Coup Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood leader Amr Darrag hails continued anti-coup non-violent resistance that endured for a year and a half (since the coup started) and which will exact fair and prompt justice

Human Rights Report Reveals Significant Junta Violations of Sinai Peninsula Civilians

Forty-five days after the military junta announced state of emergency in Egypt's Sinai, army and police forces are escalating their relentless campaign of brutal violations against the region's civilian population.

Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Cairo Bombing, Criticizes Junta Over Military Plane Crash

As more Egyptian soldiers and officers are killed in freak accidents and incidents, the FJP (the Muslim Brotherhood's political wing) condemns junta negligence and meddling in politics.