Beltagy Family, Defense Campaign Reject Life Jail Sentence

Another junta-controlled mindless monkey court violates defendants' right of due process, sentencing Dr Beltagy to life in prison, without bothering to hear defense or witnesses.

Rights Organization Criticizes Vengeful Junta Brutality Against Detainees’ Families, Neighbors

Despotic military junta sends savage forces to arrest political detainees' families and even neighbors, including women and children, for blackmail purposes, in a new emboldened wave of systematic violations of

Independence of the Judiciary Front: Politicized, Military Trials of Civilians Null and Void

Anti-coup judges' organization denounces intensely politicized trials of civilians in military courts, especially the latest trials of Construction and Development Party politicians and parliamentarians.

Statement by the Human Rights Committee at the Anti-Coup Alliance on the Regime’s Violation of

(Cairo, August 2, 2013)- The Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy Alliance condemns the use of excessive force against the anti-coup protesters and the use of tear gas heavily to disperse the anti-coup protesters

Statement by the Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy Alliance Regarding Today’s Events at the Media Production City

Cairo, August 2, 2013)- The Alliance announced a peaceful demonstration in front of the Media Production City, to be held August 2nd, 2013, at 5 PM.

Statement by the Shura Council Regarding Authorization of the Minister of Interior to Clear the

The Council has considered the authorization given to the Minister of Interior of the military coup to use all means to clear the sit-ins calling for legitimacy.

Anti-Coup Alliance Response to Secretary John Kerry’s Statements Supporting Military Coup in Egypt

Statement by Mr Gehad El Haddad, member of Anti-Coup Alliance and Spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood re: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's remarks in Pakistan today:

Anti-Coup Alliance Statement Condemns Rise in Violence Against Conservative Muslims in Egypt

Cairo: July 29, 2013 - An escalating campaign of violent attacks, murder and arson against all Muslim individuals who seem 'likely' to be pro-Morsi has reached a crescendo of unprecedented

ACA Response to the Pretend National Defence Council

(Cairo, July 29th, 2013)-The Anti-Coup Alliance strongly condemns the recent statement by the Pretend National Defence Council, noting that the Council is illegitimate and contradicts both constitution and law.

Press Release Regarding the Arbitrary Detention of Al-Wasat Party Leaders

(Cairo, July 29th, 2013)- The ACA condemns the detention of two national figures, Eng. Aboul-Ela Madi, President of Al-Wasat (Center) Party, and Mr. Essam Sultan,