New Tactics to Protect US Interests in the Middle East

The US 's long-term dream is to have a constant flow of oil from the Middle East and to keep Israel well-protected and make sure that citizens are content enough

Yemen Seeking Reform Through Revolution

With daunting challenges facing President Saleh's regime in Yemen for many years, the uprisings there, triggered by unrest in Tunisia and Egypt , were not surprising. Yemen is dealing with

The Muslim Brotherhood is not a threat

All evidences show that the Brotherhood is a much needed impetus for peaceful democratic reform in Egypt. In contrast, the Egyptian government’s relentless oppression of the Brotherhood as well as

US Intelligence Largely Unaware of Truth about the Muslim Brotherhood

Concerned about a potentially volatile Middle East, the US’s top intelligence officer James Clapper was forced last week to clarify a statement he made about Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

MP Issues Statement Rejecting Foreign Intervention in Egypt’s Affairs

MP member Ahmed Heta issued an urgent statement to PA Speaker Dr. Fathi Sorour stressing the parliament’s distaste with the US congress’ attempts to impose on Egypt’s affairs referring to

Obama Should Read WikiLeaks Docs

While US presidents and European leaders have long viewed Afghanistan as a strategic square on the global chessboard, Pakistan sees its Afghan neighbour in the context of a fierce regional

Of course, Israel is Egypt’s enemy

Some Israeli officials have voiced surprise at revelations published by Wikileaks showing that the Egyptian military continues to view the apartheid Israeli regime as the primary strategic threat facing Egypt.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve: More Homeless Palestinian children

The children gathered around what was, moments ago, their safe haven, the reservoir of their memories, the focus of their happiness, the link between them and their fathers and grandfathers,

US efforts to reform Egypt’s military fall on deaf ears

An article in Newsweek highlights that a recently leaked diplomatic cable reveals that Egypt , America ’s most loyal Arab ally is tenaciously resisting U.S. pleas to reform its military

Tell that to the USS Liberty’s survivors, Mr Lieberman

Recalling the cold-blooded Israeli attack on the US warship the Liberty, Alan Hart considers what nuclear-armed Israel might do if its Moldovan bouncer-cum-foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, got the job he