The worst possible scenario for republicans when the poor cast their vote

Author Scott Nance describes the Republicans as spending the last 20 months hammering the American poor and unemployed at nearly every turn. In an article posted on Blog critics politics.

A Talk with Iran’s Dawa and Reform Group SecGen Abdulrahman Mohammad Birani

Cairo, Asharq Al-Awsat- Abdulrahman Mohammad Birani, secretary general of Dawa and Reform Group in Iran, has said that his group is not a part of the International Organization of the

Stuart Littlewood: The Knesset comes to Westminster

My Lords, the United Kingdom is in regular contact with the Israeli and Palestinian Governments and our international allies regarding the current humanitarian situation in Gaza and the wider issues

Will Smith’s Last Pharaoh vs. Egypt’s History by Hollywood

Will Smith's latest project, The Last Pharaoh, is expected to be a mega action movie that will be seen by millions around the globe. Smith sits on the top of

Egypt: female judges not allowed on top court

Human rights groups and activists have lashed out against the government’s ruling to bar women from the Council of State’s association – the body that advises the government. According to

Nuggets from New Muslim Brotherhood Leader’s Al-Jazeera Interview

As some of you know, the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest and most influential Islamist group in the Middle East, recently elected a new leader.

Egypt’s opposition names new head

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood named a conservative as its new leader on Saturday, suggesting that Egypt's biggest opposition group may lower its political profile and focus on a social agenda.

Egypt’s Brotherhood chief wants members’ rifts settled

IF the opposition group is to have any political role, the next leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood will have to heal divisions between moderates and conservatives, a senior member of

Muslim Brotherhood Elections: A Post-Game Report

There has been some discussion about the implications of the recent elections to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's (MB) top leadership committee, the Guidance Bureau.

The rise of Muslim Brotherhood in strategic Jordan

In early September, three senior leaders of Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood (MB) resigned from the organization's executive bureau after it voted to dissolve the MB political department -