Constituent Assembly


Erian: Rebellion Against Democracy Will Not Disrupt Institution-Building Endeavors

FJP leader Erian expresses hope that June 30 would witness the end of a battle of wills, with the opposition giving up on the violent discourse it chose as it

New Threat to Egyptian Democracy

Hidden by headlines from the Middle East on the Syrian crisis and Obama's announcement of greater U.S. involvement, the uprising in Taksim Square and major cities in Turkey, and the

VISIONS FOR A NEW TUNISIA: How Islam & Democracy Can Support Each Other

In the name of God, prayers and peace be upon all His Messengers,Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, may God's peace and blessings be upon you.

Egypt Legislature Does Not Seek Clash with Judges; Awaits Judicial Authorities’ Suggestions

Egypt’s Parliament will discuss proposed judicial law amendments after judge’s recommendations are received on Saturday.

FJP’s Farid Abdel-Halim: Betting on Former Regime Replication Delusional

Ousted Mubarak, cronies and friends have done their worst, right from the moment the old repressive regime was toppled. They will surely continue to fail.

FJP Secretary Ibrahim: Achieving Revolution Goals Not in Standing Against Will of the People

As a group of ‘protesters’ mobilize to oust elected President Morsi, amid gleeful hopeful cheers from certain opposition figures, the FJP reminds that hard work will achieve the revolution’s goals,

FJP: Shura Council is Immune; June 2 Ends Attempts to Impede Democracy

Leading FJP figure Gamal Tag Al-Din assures that Egypt’s upper house of parliament was made immune in the new constitution.

Egypt Shura Council to German Delegation: Community Dialogue Central to Law-Making

Upper House of Parliament assures visiting German lawmakers that the new NGO bill will be based on broad community-based dialogue.

Egypt Upper House: Student Demands Legitimate, Corruption in Universities Must End

Parliamentary committee approves student demands to reverse 30 years of deteriorating university conditions and eliminate prevailing corruption.

Egypt Constitutional Court Reviews Election Law

Parliament’s Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee: House elections will be held in mid-September or at the beginning of October, once approved by the Constitutional Court.