Constituent Assembly


Ennahdha Statement on 75th Anniversary of National Martyrs Day

The Tunisian people will tomorrow, 9 April 2013, proudly commemorate the anniversary of Martyrs Day. The 9th of April 1938 was a glorious day in our country's history, on which

Howeidi Reveals Treachery Behind Independent Newspapers’ Anti-Brotherhood Campaign

A revealing look behind the scene, inside Egyptian privately-owned newspapers that have been intensifying their war against the Brotherhood since Mubarak’s ouster.

Tunisia: Joint Statement by CPR, Wafa, Ennahdha, Freedom & Dignity Group

Today, 13 February 2013, representatives of the following parties and assembly groups:

Mukhtar Ashri: Shura Council Disbanding Unconstitutional, with Egypt’s New Charter

Brotherhood lawyer and legal expert Ashri assures that, with Egypt’s new national charter having been approved, sacking the country’s Shura Council (upper house of parliament) would be unconstitutional.

Azza Al-Garf: Freedom and Justice Party Prepares Women for Forthcoming Parliamentary Poll

Freedom and Justice Party leader Ms Al-Garf assures that women will take their appropriate place in new parliament, after gaining Egyptian public support through hard work and great efficiency.

Huda Ghaneya: Calls Against Recently-Approved Constitution Attack Against Popular Will

Freedom and Justice Party leader Ghaneya rejects as absurd and totally unrealistic calls to cancel Egypt’s newly-passed charter.

Mahmoud Ghozlan: Muslim Brotherhood Constantly Calls for Dialogue

Brotherhood speaker Ghozlan affirms the group is always keen on dialogue with all parties, but rejects calls to annulment of Egypt’s newly-passed constitution.

Opinion Leaders: National Dialogue Sessions Aid Presidential Bid for Consensus, Democracy

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi persistently seeks open and genuine national dialogue, with full participation of the widest spectrum of political forces, groups and movements.

Great Partisan, Community Diversity in Appointed Shura Council Membership by Presidential Edict

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi makes judicious use of his constitutional prerogatives in appointing 90 members for the 270-strong Shura Council to take over legislative power from him until a new

Egypt Constituent Assembly Rejects as False Rumors Regarding Arabization of Education

Charter-writing committee refutes rumors that new Constitution article about Arabization of education means end of language schools and colleges across Egypt.