Yahya Hamid Affirms: Muslim Brotherhood Essential for Egypt Revolution, Democratic Transformation

Yahya Hamid, Minister of Investment in legitimate President Morsi's government, denounces demands for the Muslim Brotherhood to leave the political arena in order to supposedly allow for the success of

Egypt Rights Organization Demands Urgent Investigation into Professor Tarek Ghandour Death

As coup criminal negligence kills a prominent professor in junta jail after 6 long hours of bleeding, an Egyptian rights organization presses for a formal investigation into the death of

Mohamed Hikmat Walid Elected Comptroller-General for Syria Muslim Brotherhood

Syria Muslim Brotherhood's Shura (Consultative) Council elects Dr. Mohamed Walid to lead the group for a four-year term.

Independence of The Judiciary: Community Police Law Legitimizes Thugs

The repressive police state in Egypt under military junta rule is set to get even more oppressive, if a new junta bill goes ahead.

Egypt National Alliance Statement on Junta Abolition of Independence of the Judiciary

Military junta repression in Egypt continues its relentless campaign to cleanse the state of all signs of democracy, including the independence of the judiciary.

President Morsi Prevented from Attending Trial for Second Time

Once again, the legitimate President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi does not show at his trial, as supporters express concern over his disappearance.

Freedom and Justice Party Leader Dardery: General Al-Sisi True Terrorist

Leading member of the FJP reiterates that the Muslim Brotherhood condemns violence, stressing that Al-Sisi is the ne plus ultra of terrorism.

Egypt National Alliance Statement Slams Coup Commander Al-Sisi UN Visit

Pro-legitimacy coalition of anti-coup groups and parties criticizes UN for accepting a known murderer and illegitimate coup commander in sessions.

Rights Organization Criticizes Vengeful Junta Brutality Against Detainees’ Families, Neighbors

Despotic military junta sends savage forces to arrest political detainees' families and even neighbors, including women and children, for blackmail purposes, in a new emboldened wave of systematic violations of

Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islami Leader: Pakistani People Will Not Accept Unconstitutional Solutions

The Islamic group Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistan fears heinous acts by 'hidden hands' plotting for own private interests and agendas.