Pro-Democracy National Alliance Slams Coup Decision Against Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt's nationwide coalition for democratic legitimacy rejects the junta's latest maneuver against the Muslim Brotherhood as a totally illegitimate act.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Coup Commander Presidential Bid

A notorious military commander, a murderer who killed thousands of innocent civilians, a disgraceful liar who betrays every solemn oath he takes, will run for Egypt's top post amid brutal

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Condemns Rampant Corruption, Absence of Social Justice

Egypt's pro-legitimacy coalition of parties and movements affirms that the people's rage and revolt are upsetting murderous military coup plans.

Muslim Brotherhood: Ukraine Crisis Exposes Western Powers Double Standards

Whereas the West is readying sanctions against those responsible for "unjustified use of excessive force by the Ukrainian authorities" causing the death of 17 protesters, Western powers ignore murderous military

Human Rights Monitor Condemns Violence Against Women Opposed to the Coup in Egypt

Human rights organization slams coup security forces' violations of the rights of women opposed to the illegitimate military coup.

Muslim Brotherhood: Africa’s Egypt Stance Consistent with Democracy Principles

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood urges Western governments to commit to their own principles and apply their own laws as African states have done, and to stop interfering in Egypt's internal affairs.

Muslim Brotherhood: Sisi Mandate Clearly Proves July 3 was Military Coup

The Muslim Brotherhood stresses that the people will not be ruled over by a treasonous serial killer or controlled by a group of treacherous putschists, and will remain steadfast on

Osama Morsi: President Morsi Tasks El-Awa to Protest Court Jurisdiction, Not to Defend Him

Egypt's elected President Mohamed Morsi appoints lawyer Awa to protest against court's jurisdiction in the sham trial of the Islamist leader on trumped up charges; asserting he does not recognize

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Fraudulent Results of Sham Referendum

As officials report grossly exaggerated 'Yes' counts (sometimes higher than total province populations), poll monitors in Egypt and abroad slam rigged results of the putschists' illegitimate vote on the junta's

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Salutes Public Boycott of Second Day of Sham Referendum

The coalition of movements and parties defending democracy in Egypt hails second day of continued peaceful revolutionary boycott of false vote on junta charter.