Constitutional Amendment


Appraisal of constitutional proposals of Bangladesh Government

What follows is my appraisal of broad ranging constitutional proposals submitted before the Parliament by Law Minister Shafik Ahmad. Bangladesh Cabinet approved it a few days back..

Egypt’s panel proposes constitution amendments

A committee formed by Egypt’s military rulers who took power from former president Mubarak following his ouster earlier this month met with the military council to look into the proposed

Committee to Amend the Constitution to Announce Agreed Amendments

Egypt's constitutional amendment committee said today that it has almost completed its task to amend a number of controversial articles in the country's Constitution, official MENA news agency reported.

MB Calls on Government for Five Immediate Changes to Secure Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman Dr. Mohamed Morsy, has announced that the MB has put together five demands urging the Egyptian regime to immediately put them into effect asserting that they

Sobhi Saleh: MB participation in elections will expose vote-rigging

Prominent MB member, and a leading figure in its parliamentary bloc, attorney Sobhi Saleh Saleh stressed during a symposium on Saturday that the MB is planning on participating in the

MB e-petition attracts worldwide interest as signature numbers nears quarter million

The Muslim Brotherhood's online petition combined with the NAC's website has reaped nearly 220, 000 signatures in the call for political reform and constitutional amendment in Egypt .

El-Beradei: If I run for president, I will run as an Independent.

Muslim Brotherhood: Uncertainty overshadows political parties' decisions and the Brotherhood will not nominate any of its members for presidency.