Constitutional Amendments


Anti-Coup National Alliance Statement Condemns Putschists’ Constitutional Amendments

Egypt’s military madness brushes aside the national charter ratified by popular referendum only months ago, only to provide a new ‘polished’ version more suitable for its dubious purposes.

FJP Leader Erian: Ballot Box Only Way for Political Expression

FJP Vice-Chairman Erian reaffirms that democratization process will ultimately win and Egypt’s Revolution will not be undermined with millions ready to defend it.

Excerpts from Egyptian President Morsi Wednesday 26 June Speech

The speech of President Morsi Wednesday included a number of revolutionary decisions for immediate implementation to solve citizens’ problems and achieve security and stability across Egypt.

Ahmed Diab: Salvation Front’s Demands Unreasonable, Undemocratic

Egypt’s National Salvation Front leaders threaten to reject the country’s new national charter, approved by popular referendum weeks ago, as the Front’s members are implicated in ‘peaceful’ protests that killed

Constitutional Scholar Bashri: I Will Vote Yes to New National Charter

Notwithstanding any criticisms he may have, Egyptian constitutional professor Bashri affirms he will be voting ‘Yes’ for the country’s new constitution on Saturday.

FJP: Presidential Elections Before Constitution Not Against Will of the People

The FJP said it is fully committed to the will of the free people of Egypt, whatever they choose, and that all that has been reported about the position of

Bishry: Supra-Constitutional Principles Illegitimate

Rejecting statements by Deputy Prime Minister Ali Al-Selmy about the issuance of supra-constitutional principles, ChancellorTarek el Bishry described them as illegitimate.

Amr Mousa Visits Freedom and Justice Party

Former Secretary General for the Arab League and potential presidential candidate Amr Mousa met Tuesday with Freedom and Justice Party leaders including Saad ElKatatney,

In a Statement, MB Decides It Will Participate in July 29 Rally Against Supra-Constitutional Articles

During this birth process of democracy, the Egyptian people are hoping for a state of stability based on genuine democracy asserting the supremacy of the people and their right to

WP: Egyptian Army Prefers Turkish Model, But Will Not Impose It

Washington Post, reported that the ruling Military Council started to release signals that they want the army to continue to play key roles, namely to be the guarantor of the