Constitutional Court


Three Anti-Coup Lawyers Await Verdicts for Alleged Constitutional Court ‘Insult’

Overlooking drug lords and criminal thugs, junta justice arrests all opponents – anyone who shows dissent or exposes their fraud and corruption.

Egypt has been warned of the violence to come – by General Sisi himself

The general's recent speech can only be read as a precursor to a bloody campaign of repression against the Egyptian people

Statement by Pro-Democracy Pro-Morsi Protestors in Response to Al-Sisi Speech

Peaceful sit-in protests issue their own statement to condemn commander Al-Sisi’s actions, from the illegitimate coup to the massacre of worshipers and the witch hunt to stifle opposition and dissent.

Egypt: Upper House Will Talk to World Parliaments to Stop Violation of Democracy and Freedoms

Coup commanders having swiftly disbanded Egypt’s Shura Council (the only legislature) does not stop lawmakers from convening session in mosque.

Muslim Brotherhood Views on Unconstitutional Declaration Issued Tuesday

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood rejects the military coup and its so-called caretaker administration as illegitimate, since they casually delegitimized popular will, and therefore cannot accept any decrees they may issue.

Democracy Defense Front Statement on the Legal Status of the Coup in Egypt

On July 3, 2013 Egypt’s army commander, the Defense Minister, mounted a full-fledged coup d’état against the legitimate elected President of Egypt and suspended the Constitution endorsed by popular referendum

Excerpts from Egyptian President Morsi Wednesday 26 June Speech

The speech of President Morsi Wednesday included a number of revolutionary decisions for immediate implementation to solve citizens’ problems and achieve security and stability across Egypt.

FJP: Constitutional Court Rule Assures Full Legislative Powers for Shura Council

Egypt Constitutional Court ruling affirms Upper House remains the country’s legislature until a new House of Representatives is elected.

FJP: Constitutional Court Recommendation for Military Voting Rights Questionable

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, expresses deep concerns and strong reservations about the Constitutional Court’s proposition to lift the traditional ban on military and police voting in legislative

Egypt Parliament Reassures Judges: Shura Council Aims to Protect Judiciary Independence

As Egypt’s Upper House approves further discussions of Judiciary Law amendments, Shura Council Speaker Fahmi assures judges everything is debatable and no-one seeks a massacre of judges.