Constitutional Legitimacy


Muslim Brotherhood: Dakahlia Bomber Identified – What Next?

Although the military-installed government in Egypt admits the bomber of the Dakahlia Police HQ is not from the Muslim Brotherhood, it has not accordingly exonerated the group.

Press Release : Alliance Mourns the Death of Mr. Nelson Mandela by an Official Delegation

Anti Coup Pro-democracy Alliance mourns the death of Mr. Nelson Mandela, an extra-ordinary leader and a staunch fighter for freedom.An official delegation representing the Egyptian people is joining the world

Brotherhood Chairman Vows Continued Work for Egypt Freedom Even in Hardship, Tragedy

Although heinous coup security forces shot his son dead with live bullets to the head and eye, and although he is still being held captive in the junta’s jails, Mohamed

Pro-Democracy National Alliance: Free Women of Egypt are Stronger than the Putschists

Egypt’s pro-legitimacy coalition of groups and movements against the coup calls on all Egyptians to mass starting 7AM in solidarity with the "7 AM" women’s protest movement.

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Strategic Vision November 16, 2013

Egypt’s pro-democracy national coalition issues an important statement Saturday November 16 calling for a broad dialogue to end the ongoing crisis in the country, while stressing that constitutional and electoral

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘World Salutes Steadfast President’ Million-Man March Tuesday

Egypt’s national coalition of parties and movements defending democracy solemnly salutes the steadfastness of President Morsi, calling on all citizens and free peoples of the world to join peaceful protest

‘Judges For Egypt’ Coordinator: We Will Continue Anti-Coup Nonviolent Defiance

Called the ‘massacre of judges’ by some Egyptian judicial and political figures, hundreds of the country’s most honorable judges are being targeted by military putschists, excluded from the system, punished

ACA Press Release Regarding Meeting With EU Representative Catherine Ashton

(Cairo, July 29, 2013)- A delegation from the Anti-Coup Pro-democracy Alliance met today with European Union Representative Catherine Ashton.

Muslim Brotherhood: Egypt National and Religious Institutions Will Reject Anti-Revolution Tactics

Misguided opposition, old-regime hangovers and friends resort to the most devious, and futile, antics to derail the revolution, topple the elected government and grab power by any means possible.