Constitutional Referendum


Press Release on Muslim Brotherhood General Shura Council Meeting on Friday and Saturday

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood advisory council is to convene a regular meeting to discuss recent constitutional referendum results, forthcoming parliamentary elections and other important issues.

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Congratulates Egyptians on Adoption of New National Charter

Egypt Brotherhood chief Badie hails approval of the country’s first post-revolution constitution as a stepping-stone to the path of genuine democratic transformation and a real renaissance.

Freedom and Justice Party: All Egyptians are Real Winner of Referendum Democratic Experience

Although modern, post-revolution Egypt’s new constitution has been approved by the people with a comfortable 64% of the vote, the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing is determined to find common ground

Heshmat: FJP Calls for Dialogue, National Harmony for Real Democratic Transformation

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, reiterates its belief that real renaissance and democratic change will happen only through national accord and dialogue.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Constitutional Referendum Second Phase Results

The Freedom and Justice Party congratulates all Egyptians on 64% ‘Yes’ initial overall results in the country’s referendum on new national charter, where only 36% seem to have said ‘No’

Constitutional Scholar Bashri: I Will Vote Yes to New National Charter

Notwithstanding any criticisms he may have, Egyptian constitutional professor Bashri affirms he will be voting ‘Yes’ for the country’s new constitution on Saturday.

34 Egyptian Parties Reject Supra-Constitutional Principles

Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party Dr. Saad Katatni said that 34 political parties agreed in a meeting hosted by FJP Sunday that there was no reason for

Amr Mousa Visits Freedom and Justice Party

Former Secretary General for the Arab League and potential presidential candidate Amr Mousa met Tuesday with Freedom and Justice Party leaders including Saad ElKatatney,

After Meeting With FJP Leaders, Deputy PM: Gov’t Bound by Referendum Results‏

Blaming the adversarial relationship between the press and politicians which succeeded in alienating most citizens, Dr.Yehya al-Gamal denied there was any tension between himself and the Muslim Brotherhood.

FJP Leader Meets with Australian Ambassador and Indian Official

The Justice and Freedom Party Leader Dr. Mohamed Morsy met with Australian Ambassador Stephanie Shwabesky, Thursday with whom he discussed the party’s insight concerning Egypt’s future following the January Revolution