Asian Convoy 1: Palestine is the focal point of world events

Feroz Mesberola, chief of the multinational Asian Convoy 1 which is set deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, expressed his crew's extreme delight as the convoy landed Wednesday in

Meshaal: Palestinians do not want a nominal state

Hamas politburo chief Khalid Meshaal said Wednesday that the Palestinians do not want a nominal state that asks the world to recognize it, but a real state with sovereignty over

Gaza-bound convoy from Jordan lands in Syria

A humanitarian aid convoy from Jordan landed noon Monday in Syria and is scheduled to join the European Lifeline 5 convoy, which arrived in the country two days back, before

Delegation leaves Jordan to join Lifeline 5 convoy in Syria

The Jordan branch of the Lifeline 5 convoy to Gaza leaves the country’s capital of Amman on Monday and join the mother convoy from Europe during its stop in Syria

Activists delay for 24 hours unloading Israeli ship at San Francisco port

Union powers, Palestinian associations, and student and youth committees called for dense gathering from five in the morning for a sit-in blockade of the ship, and to encourage port workers

Gaza Freedom Flotilla – The Shocking Truth Emerges

Survivors of Israel's deadly assault on the Marvi Marmara and other ships gave their chilling, first-hand accounts of the raid to a packed rally in London on Wednesday (9 June).