Abdul Quddus: Pope Did Not Threaten to Withdraw from Constituent Assembly

Contrary to recent misleading reports, Egypt’s Coptic Pope never threatened to pull out of the Constitution-writing panel, but simply said he coordinated stance with Azhar.

Coptic Christian Severely Injured as he Tried to Rescue Veiled “Tahrir Woman” from Military Police

Ehab Hanna, a Coptic Christian who was shot in the leg during the latest deadly clashes near the Cabinet building in Cairo gave his witnessed testimony while he lay in

MB Overcomes Suspicion in Uncertain Times

After the heightened emotion and success of Egypt 's January 25th Revolution that left the global community standing in awe, many issues are yet to be resolved.

Michael Jansen: Wooing voters with goodies, not action

Next Sunday Egyptians go to the polls to choose 508 members of parliament from among 5,200 candidates. Among those standing are 380 women and 80 Coptic Christians. Sixty-four seats are

ElBaradei pushes on in Egypt, gets Coptic support

The former nuclear chief continues to get the support of opposition movements and activists from different political currents, and most recently the Coptic community has thrown their support behind a

Islamic law in favour of Coptic Christian rights in Egypt

Over the past decades, numerous polls have demonstrated that the majority of Egyptians want shari'a-or Islamic principles-applied to parts of their country's legal system.

Dr. Rafiq Habib Wins Youth Award

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Youth Forum (Sahatna), the official sponsor of State’s Incentive Award for youths have announced that Coptic intellectual Dr. Rafiq Habib has received the award after winning the

Egyptian Intellectuals: Church of great importance to country not exclusive to particular sect.

Coptic intellectuals warned that the Egyptian church may be transformed from being a church of God into a church belonging to a very closed-minded Christian sect. He called for the

Ghozlan: Muslim Brotherhood Would Accept Coptic or Woman As Head for its Party

IkhwanWeb conducted this interview with Mahmoud Ghozlan, member of the MB’s Executive Bureau, several weeks before his detention in the occasion of celebrating the 80th anniversary of the establishment of